Environmentally-safe products


Tesch Chemical is proud to offer you Green Seal Certified cleaning products from EnvirOx.  These products are excellent for institutional cleaning, industrial applications, and for cleaning at home. 


     These products:

  • Reduce toxicity
  • Kill bacteria and viruses
  • Destroy odors while you clean
  • Eliminate grease and minimize slip on any floor
  • Cleans without damaging surfaces

Tesch Chemical is in the business of manufacturing quality cleaners and chemicals for businesses and households at a great low price. It's what we do, and it's what we've always done since 1951.


We don't sacrifice quality here at Tesch! We've been using the same product recipes since 1951, and that means that our customers still get the industrial strength cleaner they've always gotten! Our cleaners are able to get done twice as much cleaning in half the time! With our competitive small-business prices, we're saving you time and money!

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Tesch Chemical located in Menasha, Wisconsin, manufactures concentrated cleaning products and cleaning chemicals and is a distributor of professional janitorial supplies.  Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are manufactured using the latest advancements in technology.  Our cleaning chemicals can be used for commercial, industrial and residential cleaning.   


Visit our retail store located at 1281 Midway Road in Menasha for a large selection of cleaning products. Perfect for any cleaning job at home or for the professional cleaner.

Ask how we can supply your company with the cleaning products and chemicals you need to really make the place shine!


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Locally manufactured and industrial strength cleaning supplies at a great price is what Tesch is all about!

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Locally manufactured, quality products at great everyday low prices!


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